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Hi there! My name is Marie and I am so happy to be a founding member of Southern Pawspitality, where we help make a difference in pets and their human’s lives! I was born in New Orleans and raised on a ranch in central Texas where my grandmother (Nanny) rescued every animal she could, from raccoons to horses. We took care of them and named every single one! I believe my love for animals was passed down through her. 

As I continued through my adult life, I spent many years in corporate America and felt something was missing. I decided to make a leap of faith and start my own pet sitting company in New Orleans for 12 years. At the beginning of 2022 I decided to branch out and start another highly successful company, Southern Pawspitality - where we specialize in "Best in Show Services" for you and your pets. 

I have 5 dogs: a Maltese who is a diva, and four very funny Frenchies that keep me entertained with their clown like antics most of the day! In my spare time, I help friends whelp puppies, consume a lot of coffee (coffee is a must!), and explore the town I was born in and the amazing history of it all! My fiancé and I enjoy beach trips and traveling as well (when we get the chance). 

I love working with our team at Southern Pawspitality and am looking forward to growing more with our incredible company as we continue helping our client’s keep their pet’s safe and happy 

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