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Southern Pawspitality's walking services provide your dog with the daily exercise they need while you are away. Each Dog Walk includes a potty break, walk, refreshed water, and most include some extra playtime.  You can customize your walk by adding additional pets or save big with a monthly package.


Dog Walks

Dog Walks start range from 15 minutes to 1 hour with 15 Minute intervals. Personalize your dog’s walk by adding time or companion. Ask how you can reward your pup with daily walks while saving with monthly packages.



Dog Walk

$20per walk


  •  15 Minutes
    1 Walked Dog
    Love & Affection
    Potty Break
    Refresh Water



Dog Walk




15 Minutes

1 Walked Dog

Love & Affection

Potty Break

Refresh Water


 $5 / Extra 15 Min

$2 / Extra Walked Dog

$2 / Extra Pottied Dog
$ave with Packages

How Dog Walking

With Southern Pawspitality Works

To get started, we schedule a Meet & Greet allowing you to get to know your walker and introduce them to your dog. When you are ready to request a walk our web portal makes it easy to self-schedule giving you the freedom to choose how long you would like your walker to visit each day and provides a secure way to complete your payment. After the walk ends, you will receive updates to your conversation feed featuring GPS tracking, notes, photos, and a detailed report card from your walker.

1.  Meet your Dog Walker

Introduce your pets to their Dog Walker

Schedule Your Visits

Schedule and Pay Online

Get Updates

Enjoy visit report cards with photos and GPS Map

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