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Who would have thought just a few years ago that I would be involved, much less HEAVILY involved with a pet care company?  Well, not me I assure you.  

Not only have I been working with Marie in a very successful pet care company prior to this, I've had the joy of working with my best friend launching Southern Pawspitality Pet Care Service from our dreams to reality! 

My work with Southern Pawspitality is so rewarding in that I get to make new friends albeit over the phone or through our communication portal.  In short, I take care of the 2 legged clients while leaving the 4 legged kind to the Southern Pawspitality Experts. 

With decades of experience in cultivating and caring for clients, it's a natural progression for me to serve the Southern Pawspitality family in the capacity of Director of Client Services, a pivotal role between our wonderful clients and the outstanding staff that care for their pets. 

Hoping to get to know you soon!

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