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New Orleans & Pensacola

Phone:  504-810-0101 New Orleans
Phone:  850-602-4759 Pensacola

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SOUTHERN PAWSPITALITY - GENTEEL PET CARE SERVICES - From Daily Dog Walking to Pet Sittng to Pet Taxi Service to Weddings!

We Are Your Pet’s Second-Best Friend


What Our Customers Think

In our many years of experience, We have been able to garner a reputation with our clients for being the most thoughtful and caring Pet Sitters in New Orleans. But don’t just take my word for it. Check out some of the reviews below.

Robert F.

"This is the first time I have used a service, since my family usually sits for me when I need it. I have had phenomenal experience the two times I have used this service. It’s hard to say it’s a ‘service’ because everyone is so personable, friendly, patient, and caring. Lori has taken care of my three babies and she is very caring and careful with them. They love her and she cares for them like they were her own. I will definitely continue to count in you all in the future!"

carl dean_edited.jpg

Joseph T.


"We have been working with Marie and friends for years. Her team has been a part of the family for all of our pups. They've grieved with us when our pets have passed on, and they've celebrated with us as new babies have joined our family! They provide expert care and attention to our most beloved family members....our dogs! I honestly couldn't imagine not having the team from Southern Pawspitality in our lives...our dogs love them so much, and are so appreciative of the services they provide for us each week."


Danielle M.

"Hands down my go to for all my pets! I have been using them for years and highly recommend for anything from a fish to feline. They are amazing, reliable & love your pets just like their own. My dog, lady, requires a very special goodbye and southern paws doesn’t miss a beat!!!"

Terisa P.

"The best dog Walker I have had for the past 17 years. Thanks for taking such good care of my fur babies. I think they miss you!"

Sitters receive 100% of all tips.

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